Today Matters

Got this in my inbox this morning from one of our team members at Champions Centre: (thanks for sharing Cat!)

Hey Team-
Just wanted to share a thought I came across today in my quite time this morn.
Today and everyday matters.  
All the big and little jobs, projects, tasks, decisions and everything in between - all moving forward toward a moment where people will make, a choice, an opportunity that we will extend to someone…It makes me excited that we get to be a part of someone’s ONE DAY…

The LifeBuilders Creed - Dale Witherington

Today is the most important day of my life.

Yesterday with its successes and victories, struggles and failures is gone forever.
The past is past.

I cannot relive it.  I cannot go back and change it.
But I will learn from it and improve my today.

Today. This moment. NOW.
It is God’s gift to me and it is all that I have.

Today is what God has entrusted to me.
It is all that I have.  I will do my BEST in it.
I will demonstrate the best of me in it-
my character, giftedness, and abilities -
to my family, friends, my work.

I will identify those things that are most important to do Today,
and those things I will do until they are done.
And when this day is done I will look back with satisfaction at that which I have accomplished.

Then, and only then, will I plan my tomorrow,
Looking to improve Today, with God’s help.

Catalina Mahon

Television | Media | Productions Director Kevin Gerald Television | Champions Centre