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Weekend RECAP: Greater


We often EXCUSE OURSELVES from God’s Greater plans for our lives because WE BELIEVE WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FOR GOD TO WORK WITH.

One of the enemy’s greatest strategies is to get you to focus on what you don’t have, or what you used to have or what someone else has that you wish you had. 

What you have is enough to start you towards GREATER in your life! All God needs is what you have.


There’s a book called the Houdini Solution. The author points out that everybody has a box and thinking outside that box doesn’t make that box go away…it just makes you frustrated. When you’re done thinking outside the box you realize that all the ideas you came up with are pointless because your still very much inside the box with no way to implement those ideas.

The box is what it is. But, within the box is everything you need to get started towards something Greater. I’m not saying don’t dream…plan… However, I’m saying start right where you are and see what God will do with it.


Real Life Champion Story from Fall Issue of Champion Life Magazine:

When I was 11 that was the age that I was first raped, and it was by my father.  And that continued until I was about 15.  There came a point where I just kind of disconnected myself….disconnected from the situation as best I could.  I just kind of became very destructive.  I became very promiscuous.  What really drove me was just simply anger that it had happened to me in the first place.

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And, you can watch the video here.

Lead with Heart: reblog

One of our team went home to be with the Lord last night. Jill had not even been on the team for very long. She was still a fairly new Christian. But she got connected almost immediately and became a part of our team and a part of our Champions Centre family. She was loved and she will be missed.  And I thank God that I had the chance to know her and the opportunity to connect her to the team.

I can’t imagine if she hadn’t been on a team, if she had just attended church without really connecting with God’s people. She would have been lost in the crowd and no one would have known she was gone. Because she was connected, we knew her. Because she was connected, she enjoyed her life just a bit more. Because she was connected, our lives intersected for a while and we are better for knowing her.

One Day Article, @Kevingerald

We all have norms, our routines, and our daily schedule. Often, it may seem like a blur of the same things, day in and day out. These daily routines even begin to overlap each other; Wednesday is just like Tuesday. Thursday is just like the Thursday the week before. What we do on these days is what we do every day.

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Having God’s heart for His House. Different perspectives from some of the team at Champions Centre.

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Weekend RECAP: Greater

This week we kicked off our Champion Life Group Fall Challenge with small groups meeting during the week focusing on “Greater” while also focusing on it during weekend services. Pastor Kevin introduced the main character of the Greater book by Steven Furtick, his name is Elisha.

Weekend RECAP: Greater Pre-Launch

This fall we are studying “GREATER” as the idea that God wants us to live with a sense of expectation, a hope for our future, a faith and confidence about our lives. He wants us TO DREAM BIG, START SMALL and ignite the vision of God for our lives!


The path to greater = The life changing realization that God is ready to accomplish a unique kind of greatness in your life. Something beyond what we see in ourselves on our best days, something beyond where we are but true to who we are. 

But, this “path to greater” is like a path with a ditch on both sides. 


The “path to greater” is like a path with a ditch on both sides:
On One Side = Miserable Mediocrity
On The Other Side = Fairytale Greatness

In Between those two ditches is a path to GREATER things in your life.

Greater Series, Fall Challenge

"Someone’s One Day can begin in the parking lot." 

Team Spotlight: CC Connections

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